Side Control Escape and Bear Hug Escape

by abu on September 5, 2013

Bear Hug Escape

Commonly an opponent that is much stronger and bigger will try to do a bear hug as a take down technique. Their goal is to control the hips. Once they have the hips controlled, they can either do an inside or outside leg take down, which are both high percentage.

The defense to this is to pimp arm both of the opponents hips and squat backwards. This creates space between the opponent. Immediately start to rotate to either the right or left of the opponent. While rotating grab the tricep of the far arm with the hand in front of the opponent. The other hand can either go on the opposite side hip or underhook the opposite shoulder. Beginners should graph the hip.

The next move may or may not come easily. The trick is to make sure that the hips are in the correct position to get the perfect amount of leverage to lift the opponent. To do this, we take the front foot and place it inside the opponents foot closest to you. Step through the space between your front foot and the opponents hips, and then place that foot inside the opponents outside foot. Do all of this while squatting underneath the opponents hips.

Once in position, you can straighten your legs and lift the opponent with ease. The size of the adversary does not matter in this position. The hips and physics do all of the work. Then just turn your head the way you want to throw the opponent off of you hip and finish with a knee on the belly. This could lead into an arm-bar or many other advantageous positions.

Side Control Escape

This side control escape, depends upon one major factor. The arms must be in between the player on top. The perfect position for them to be in, is the top arm goes forearm to the chin area, and the bottom arm cups the hip or rib-cage. Many times it is hard to even get to this position. The key is to to a little bridge escape to create just enough space in order to sneak the arms in between the opponent.

Once the arms are in place, then a larger bridge escape is needed, followed by a hip escape. Once you have created some room away from the opponent, then quickly be the first to react and take the room back. Do this by sliding the inside knee onto the waste of the opponent. The leg can be jammed into him.

Next with the free leg try to trap a leg or just hip out just a smiggen from the opponent. Once either of these are done, then its time to switch the hips to the other side and wrap the leg that is jammed into the opponent around him to recompose guard. The second variation is a little more dangerous.

The opponent will be blocking the hip while in side control. This makes it impossible to bring the inside leg into their waste. So instead we bring the inside leg as close to their waste as possible and wrap the top of the foot around the tricep of the arm that is blocking the hip. This will stip him from passing in the next step which is to bring the free leg around the head of the opponent and then either re position quickly to guard, play sit up guard, or try and get spider guard.



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